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Gregg Giannillo
Gregg GiannilloPresident, GGHD, Inc. | Celebrity Hairstylist
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There is an unsurpassable standard of excellence that the team at Giannillo Salon executes. A standard that advances through progress and innovation, becoming the mark of exceptional quality by which all others are measured.

The Giannillo Family is a team of industry experts that leads the best in the world.

We are artisans of bespoke beauty; the very core of luxury. The ultimate upholders of creativity; freedom of self-expression. Through seasoned careers, we’ve acquired an understanding and appreciation for whimsy undercut by rigor. An understanding of hospitality and excess played off against simplicity and restraint.

We are confident and meticulous. Infinitely refined.

We relish spontaneity and celebrate exploration of newfound beauty through veins of color, the study of volume and the art of sculpture.

The Giannillo Family celebrate:

Blowdryer_PinkThe elegance of aged beauty;

Blowdryer_PinkThe visceral pursuit of youthful perfection in modern beauty;

Blowdryer_PinkThe unlikely juxtaposition of perception and reality;

Blowdryer_PinkThe expression of acceptance;

Blowdryer_PinkThe importance of technique.

We’ve mastered the art of sculpting and painting; expressing beauty through hair.

Ania Binkowska
Ania BinkowskaMaster Colorist | Stylist
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Maricela Cruz
Maricela CruzMaster Colorist | Stylist
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Liz Parsons
Liz ParsonsMaster Colorist | Stylist
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Sabina Rojas
Sabina RojasMaster Colorist | Master Stylist
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Noemi Nava
Noemi NavaJunior Stylist | Treatment Specialist
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Edisa Ortiz-DeLeon
Edisa Ortiz-DeLeonJunior Stylist | Treatment Specialist
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